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Pecori Rasta "FCI -" ... a house full of love for animals, care and joy in raising puppies. Priceless friendships with new families. We will undertake the spring litter dedication when the families are waiting for their dream puppies. Please contact us: Marta OIipra-Kruszka 501 872 614 Ana Rapp 601 511 576 Mother: GRAPPA Canis [...]
Lake Hańcza, charming and unique, not only under water ❤️ Thank you Jarek Bekier and Marek Matych-Gue for today's trip around the lake. Joy for the dogs and a good time for us.And herds of crayfish under the water! Thank you Paco for underwater photos🥰
A paradise for dogs and for us, 6 days of beautiful weather at the Baltic Sea, great time with friends, joy, rest, peace and quiet. Maryl, Chica, Roja, Rasta, Eliot, Marley, Senti, Wini i Łatka - our herd and friends. Thank you Marta and Michał
The lucky ones 🥰, 15 minutes from home, a charming place called RybarBar, dog-friendly, and for us, delicious fish from the oven and cold soup for a hot day. Water fun for Maryl, Chica and Roja-great joy, relief and respite from today's hot day. Thank you RybarBar☀️
Second birthday of Canis Marinus puppies born 01/08/2020 Ayla, Froya, Igorek, Mango, Julek - wonderful puppies with exceptional Families - Friends. The combination of dreams and passion, love for dogs and sharing joys and cares with all Canis Marinus Families has been a very valuable experience since 2004 till 2022 .