In 2004 I brought to Poland from Finland my first female Spanish Water Dog Espinosa Zorrazo “Tequila”. Since then, my adventure with breeding, getting to know these dogs, their upbringing, work and play has been going on.
My dogs accompany us everywhere, they travel with us through Europe, fly in helicopters, sail in boats. They are companions in our everyday life and actively participate in our passion – diving.
Thanks to my puppies I have met and continue to meet wonderful people. With many of them I have a friendship that lasts for many years. We meet, exchange experiences and most of all talk for hours about our dogs. Together we enjoy their successes and worry when they are sick.
If someone asked me now (after a hundred years, since I brought the first Spanish Water Dogs to my country ☺), would I choose another breed? I would answer: NO. I am a great passionate of this breed, about which you can read more in tab: ABOUT THE BREED