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Spanish Water Dog Family Meeting Jankowo Dolne, June 10-12, 2022 Great time spent with friends, chats, joy and good energy. Priceless moments. Maryl, Grif, Chica, Roja, Rasta, Zoya, Bozon, Dasza, Dakota, Charro, Ayda, Sky, Pepper, Kairos, Ari, Olimpia, Eliot, Marley, Senti, Loki. A dozen or so years old generation from 3-month-old Ari to 15-year-old Maryla [...]
It was a great meeting full of joy, good emotions and positive energy. 54 people and 23 Spanish Water Dogs came to the Palace in Ojrzanów. The youngest Jurek 1.5 years and Bozon 9 months, the oldest ... 😃and Grif with Maryl 15 years and two months old 🥰 The dogs did a great job, [...]
Puppies in kennel From the Old Sea Stronghold 🌊 Parents are Mom: PEPA Rewelka born June 20, 2018 HD A, ED 0/0 PRA - clear NAD - free, CHG - free DN2- free Eo-PRA-free ECVO + gonioscopy - healthy Dad: Toddini VIKING EXPRESS born 17/12/2016 HD A, ED 0/0 HD 4/3 = 7 [BVA] PRA [...]
Rioja Aquagruaz ROJA 💞 Castaño Wavelet CASTI The upoming Holiday is preparing a basket of Easter surprises 🥰 joy, love and hope for a better time. Thank you Viktória Kyseľová and Stanislav Vyšlanová Klieštiková 💝
Maryl, my soul mate, 15 years my friend with us. 15th birthday of puppies A Canis Marinus litter. Best wishes for Aqua, Alvaro, Amigo and Amarillo. Health and joyful ... tails as long as possible. Thank you Małgosia and Jeremi, Małgosia and Zygmunt, Peppi and Jaakko for your good hearts, care and concern for the [...]
May our beloved dogs on Christmas Eve "give voice" differently than usual🥰 Happy Holidays 🎄
A colorful walk with the dogs in the landscape Park in Radziejowice. "This garden was planned and manned by Colonel Alexander d'Alfonce for his friend Józef Count Krasiński in 1817, a landscape park called English, with a loose structure, irregular, free and asymmetrical. In the Park: Palace, Castle, Swiss Villa, Larch Manor House, Forge, Czworaki, [...]