September 18-20 we invaded resort in Jankowo Dolne, though it was not easy to get there, the beautiful weather, picturesque landscapes and clear Lake water were worth the search. The culmination of the VII meeting was attended 15 PdAE owners with families and friends including 5 from Germany, which gave an impressive number of 28 people and 22 dogs and females: Aurora, Barnaba, Bella, Bellisima, Beza, Chica, Como, Dina, Effi, Farfala, Griv, Luca, Maryl, Mita, Onja, Orinoko, Pepper, Perła, Roja, Sancho, Tybyś, Zoya.

Thank you very much for coming and we already can not wait for the next one, even greater meeting. See you soon!!!

We invite members of our family for the next dog meeting that was planned on the weekend of 18-20 September. This time the choice fell on RESORT LOWER JANKOWO on the lake Jankowski, near Gniezno.
All interested friends are asked to contact Ania for reservations and moor details.
We warmly welcome all our dogs, it will bee very nice to see after a year provided!!!