5 March 2015 – it’s 57 days of pregnancy. Chica’s tummy is huge, she gained weight of 6 kg. Despite the substantial mass joy, desire to play do not leave a future mom and expose the rotund belly for stroking is the best way to caress.
20 February 2015
– that’s 44 days of pregnancy. Tummy increases clearly like the appetite and future mother feelsn great.
30 January 2015
– the third week (23 days) after mating. Our visit in the clinic confirmed that Chica is Pregnant!!! Planned date of the puppis birth falls around March 10th. We hold fingers for beautiful puppies!!!
22 January 2015
– passed second week after mating. Chika is still in excellent condition. However, it is too early to see clear signs of pregnancy, so we planned on 30 January ultrasound, which should confirm the efficacy of mating.
15 January 2015
– the first week after mating is passed, Chika in his own house feels great.
8 January 2015
– Enjoying the hospitity Aquagruaz breeding and assistance of Heidi Kurki we matting Chika with Pancho, a dog from kennel Kuurakirsun. More information about the dog you can find on the webside of the Finnish Kennel Club. The future father holds aperfect health: HD: A/A; Elbows:0/0; Knees: 0/0; PRA: free. We cross fingers for successful pregnancies 😉
3 – 9 January 2015 – Mattingtrip to Finland.
21 December 2014 – “CHICA” finally has heat, so the countdown started.

father mother

Champion of Finland
Champion of Estonia
Champion of Latvia
Junior Champion of Finland
Junior Champion of Helsinki

Winner of Latvia

Champion of Poland
Champion of Germany
Winner of Leipzig
Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH x 6
Junior Winner x 4
BJinR x 4
Kuurakirsun Komein Kundi “Pancho” Hug Me Zorrazo “Chica”


Puppies pedigree
I generation II generation III generation IV generation
Zorrazo Hug Me “Chica”

Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
PRA: free
NAD: free

Zorrazo Matador Milo Del Marsimento Titi Romero
Del Marsimento Fosa
Zorazzo Pajarita Nautico
Del Marsimento Margarita
Zorrazo Yoanet Zorrazo Vaya Muchacho De Ubrique Moucad
De Calathea Bulla
Zorrazo Kataplas De Ubrique Lasodid
De Ubrique Kiu
Kuurakirsun Komein Kundi “Pancho”

Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
PRA: free

De Fraguel’s Cabeza-Deturco De Ubrique Lasodid De Ubrique Lasso
De Ubrique Dimog
Mora De Ubrique Rubillo
Zorrazo Bianca
Zorrazo Ufano De El Polvorin Alevin
Zorrazo Naranja
Zorrazo Espera De Valdeperales Lucho
Zorrazo Ketchuo